Aegis Sciences Corporation



About Us

Founded in 1990, Aegis Sciences Corporation is a forensic toxicology and healthcare laboratory that provides science-driven drug testing and consulting services based in Nashville, TN.

Aegis delivers evidence-based, clinically actionable information related to medication compliance, substance abuse, and drug-drug interactions through definitive testing of urine, oral fluid, or blood specimens.

Aegis healthcare testing services are designed for the unique needs of healthcare specialties in the areas of Pain Management, Behavioral and Mental Health, Substance Use Disorder, Prenatal and Chronic Disease Management. Aegis provides clarity for enhanced patient care to a wide array of clinicians that serve Medicare, Managed Medicaid, Commercially Insured and Workers' compensation populations.

In addition to healthcare testing services, Aegis offers anti-doping and forensic testing services to professional and amateur sports organizations, college and university athletic programs. Aegis’s biopharma lab provides molecular diagnostic services, including clinical trial services, pharmacogenetic testing, and other services.